Magni Gyro and DTA Gyrocopters

At Gyro Aventure Canada we are DTA importator and Magni dealer.

You can follow your training of autogyro pilot on either of these devices.


Manufactured by DTA, a French company, the gyrocopters DTA J-RO and XEELEEX offers you the best quality of design and construction, which makes DTA a world leader in ultra-light aviation. Safety has always been one of our main concerns. Comfort, performance, visibility tandem design, a gyroplane hard to beat.


cockpit gyroplane

xeelex gyroplane

cockpit xeelex gyroplane

ski pour autogire

ski pour autogire

Modèles Magni Gyro


Magni Gyro is a company that produces a range of gyroplanes internationally recognized for their reliability, stability and high level of quality through the use of aerospace materials, light and strong. Structure and steel aircraft parts 4130, cockpit and jibe carbon composite rotor design Magni.

M-16 tandem trainer

Magni Gyro M-16  Magni Gyro M-16

Gyroplane tandem cockpit semi open, ease of control and quality of sustainable construction and proven the best choice. He is considered one of the best training aircraft in the world.

M-22 Voyager

Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager

Made for the explorer, a tandem partially closed but very spacious which provides convenient storage capabilities, it has a range of over 600 km with a tank of 80 liters.

M-24 Orion

Magni Gyro M-24 Orion  Magni Gyro M-24 Orion

Unit two passengers side by side, designed for the comfort it offers a very comfortable cabin space with a seating position slightly staggered and panoramic visibility very large glass area, unit four seasons with its heating system.